Strands are the perfect addition to any ensemble. Austrian crystals, Swarovski pearls, and semi precious stones are hand beaded, crocheted, and knotted on  nylon and silk cording in a variety of colors. Each Strand is finished with beautiful stones, crystals, or pearls, highlighting it’s natural beauty and color. The result is a 46 to 50 inch long Strand of stunning jewels that can be worn as a triple wrap necklace, a double wrap lariat, wrapped seven times around the wrist for a beautiful one of a kind bracelet or try four or five wraps to create a lovely and unique ankle bracelet. 

The versatility of each Strand makes it the perfect piece of jewelry for traveling. Strands are nearly indestructible and totally waterproof - wonderful jewelry for beach, poolside, and resort wear. Each Strand is a unique piece of jewelry and can be customized to your color and style preferences.

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IMG 3167.jpg

Strands: Swarovski Pearls, Baroque Pearl Closer



IMG 3176.jpg

Strands Lariat: Purple Mountain Jade & Citrines, Amethyst & Citrine Closers



IMG 3237.jpg

Strands Lariat: Malysian Jade & Quartz, Blue Lace Agate & Quartz Closers



IMG 3184.jpg

Strands Lariat: Purple Jade and Citrines, Natural Amethyst & Citrine Closers 

 # SL01 


IMG 3169.jpg

Strands Lariat: Swarovski Pearls & Natural Quartz, Baroque Pearl & Quartz Crystal Closers #SL02


IMG 3190.jpg

Strands Lariat: Malaysian Jade & Quartz, Chalcedony & Quartz Closers



IMG 3172.jpg

Strands Lariat: Red Agate & Citrine, Agate & Citrine Closers 



IMG 3192.jpg

Strands Lariat: Blue Lace Agate & Citrine, Blue Lace Agate & Citrine Closers 



IMG 3205.jpg

Strands: Swarovski Pearls, Baroque Pearl Closer 



IMG 3196.jpg

Strands Lariat: Turquoise & Quartz, Turquoise & Quartz Closers 



IMG 3203.jpg

Strands: Swarovski Pearl, Friendly Harvested Deer Antler 



IMG 3210.jpg

Strands Lariat: Swarovski Pearls & Small Baroque Pearls, Black & White Baroque Pearls #SL07


IMG 3228.jpg

Strands Mini Pearls: Swarovski Pearls, Baroque Pearl & Friendly Harvested Deer Antler                   Closers 



IMG 3233.jpg

Strands Mini: Swarovski Pearls, Blue Quartz & Baroque Pearl Closers 



IMG 3226.jpg

Strands Mini: Swarovski Pearls, Rutilated Quartz & Baroque Pearl Closers




Woven Bracelets $50

Strands go heavy metal features hand-woven bracelets made of sterling on copper, brass, and copper with gemstones and pearl including birthstones for every month. Each piece is completely gorgeous on it’s own, but also lovely when stacked. They come in different sizes depending on the number of stones. Just like Strands they are virtually indestructible and can be worn all time, even in the pool and the ocean.

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